Meta-modern is the term I choose to describe my work as it exceeds the irony of Post-modernism and fulfils the void of Modernism. The irony is there is no irony, no manqué, or emptiness to display, rather the real, positive life force and our responsibility to define and structure society. Meta-modernism has of course learnt or earnt its place through historical experience and knowledge.

My work represents existence/the sublime the fundamental base of everything that is the phenomena of life itself. Whether using painting, sculpture, film, sound, or light as a means of expression, the work is made in an aesthetic instinct, equally material as conceptual. It is not possible for me to separate the two.

Beyond our human perception, understanding or measurement, the overall mean is present as a positive constant; there is no such thing as nothing. This constant is pure positivism and singularity a place we can enter into. Here, freedom, freewill and indeterminism exist.

Laura Mills


Royale Académie des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles
Postgraduate Master in the Practice and Theory of Art

Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Master Degree in Fine Art

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